My feedback to regarding its Marketplace

This is a quoted post I made on the message forum inside their site. I copied this in case their moderators or admin deleted it or edited it.

As a top seller, I want others to hear my story. I look at my gross sales, so I know Cafepress must hear my voice. If not, well, I’m ashamed to be sitting in front of this ocmputer from 6am to 5pm M-F week after week like it were a regular job to anyone else….

Anyway, here goes:

I am 29 years old. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, or MS for short in 2005. I had to quit my very high paid salary job as a network administrator becase of mental trauma and stress.My son was born and we had to move. I couldn’t really work, so I NEEDED to find a job working from home. I know there is others out there like me, too. I can’t get away from someone who doesn’t have a health problem my age nowadays…

I found Cafepress and… yada yada, now I have a headache.

You, Cafepress – have been giving me a SALARY as my own CEO of my OWN company since 2005! Thanks! At $5-7 a shirt…this was a regular job now for my family and myself. I felt blessed!But now, with my MS getting worse and medical bills going up… now apparently I’m losing my job, too? – like 10% of our Nation? I can’t already compete against myself as I already do against other shops. You just gave me and the 40 million other shops a 10 or 20% paycut to all of us. I pay for my Adwords campaigns, facebook, etc.. all that now costs me triple! Nevermind our bonus tier structures suddenly dropped for all of us, too. KaptainMyke is very sad.

Thats my feedback.