Eating our shirts give you GA$

With gas prices continuing to soar across the country, we decided to spotlight our totally sweet and 145 mpg “W. Bush Gas Co.” tee shirt design.

Don’t be stuck on the side of some one way, dead end country road holding your empty $30 dollar three gallon gas station plastic container while wearing your W Bush Gas Co. tee shirt. Suddenly, you realize, “Hey wait. There’s no gas station that way. This is just for the shirt photo!”. Oh, yeah, sorry folks. No, seriously, pretty soon we’re going to have to start riding our go karts to the store, since we can’t afford the $95 gas tank in our truck.


Good thing we have our Death Proof bumper sticker on our go kart to keep us safe while screaming down the road at a whopping 32 mph at 95 mpg on a major US interstate. Sounds way cooler when you put it that way, no?
Yeah, we thought so, too. Pedalling is for suckers. The only downside to that is us go karters gotta keep rebuilding our carburetors since “the man” keeps putting ethanol and coffeemate in our gasoline. Better load up on fuel stabilizers, too, pa! I’ve had longer relationships with milk gallons in the refridgerator than a 5 gallon tank of gas sitting in our toolshed. We should sell our green gas as “leprechaun beer” during St. Patty’s Day. Nobody would notice, right?

Solar power is taking off, perhaps that route could help with some of these issues. A solar powered car or house is in the near future. We hear all the time that you can “go green” and sell your electricity back to the power/electric companies. Whether this is true or not still remains. But hey, we heard it on “Days of Our Lives”. So it must be true! Speaking of which, check out our Days of Our Lives line of tee shirts and gifts!

You have how many tee shirts?!

Who knew that if your primary business is selling tee shirts, we’ll, you’re going to have a lot of tee shirts laying around the closet. And drawers. And storage. And the attic. The numbers have fluctuated due to stains, rip, tears, and other casualties of war. To date, KaptainMyke has 145 tee shirts in the closet, (mostly sorted by color) 23 older discontinued tee shirts in the drawer, and over 30 oil stained “play shirts”, as we colorfully like to call them. The biggest victim caught in this web of tee shirts is Mrs. KaptainMyke. And Tide. (with febreeze). The only excuse we come up with is that we need to advertise our shirts everywhere we go, right?

Hey, prior to the tee shirt world, we were only sporting cheap and loud Hawaiian shirts. That’s a step up if you ask some of us around here! Sounds like we have a “What Not To Wear” Candidate!

>Mrs. Lovett’s Meat Pies is made of what?


When I found out what Sweeney Todd was really about, I must admit I was quite shocked. A musical? With Johnny Depp? Sounds like a train wreck you can’t look away from, right? But then as I watched the movie I realized what was really going on. Furthermore, did you know that it may or may not be true that the story is based on a real life person?
From WikiPedia: Sweeney Todd is a fictional character who first appeared as one of the protagonists of a Penny Dreadful serial entitled The String of Pearls (1846-1847). In the most common versions of the story, he is an English barber who murders his customers with a cut-throat razor (or “straight razor” in American English), and turns their remains into meat pies. His establishment is situated in the historical Fleet Street of London. The tale surrounding the character became a staple of Victorian melodrama and a Tony award-winning Broadway musical in 1979. Sweeney Todd has also been featured in several films, the most recent being Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007), directed by Tim Burton, with Johnny Depp in the title role. Claims that Sweeney Todd was a real person are unsubstantiated and unproven, although there are possible legendary prototypes, partaking of an urban myth.
Sounds like a great shirt idea to us, right? Original graphic screenprint across front of chest that reads, “Mrs. Lovett’s Meat Pies – Fleet Street, London”. Fabulous, famous finger lickin’ good pies! Buy this design on over 50 different tee shirt styles & colors.

>Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati


I never really got to watch WKRP when I was a kid. I was kinda like, uh never born yet. But, now almost 30 years later – My wife and I recorded some on the DishNetwork DVR. I had never seen it before! To me, Johnny Fever was that teacher dude from that “Head of the Class” television series. All serious, and somewhat dry, this man was not a funny stoner DJ in my eyes! Who was this comical, masterful genius that I had never seen before? BOOGER!

And so the birth of a new tee shirt was created after seeing only 3 episodes. I was hooked! Original graphic screenprint across front of chest that reads, “Johnny Fever, WKRP“. Metal Lord style font lettering featuring stethoscope and electrofying thermometers. Listen to DJ Doctor Dr. Fever in the Mornings with Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati. A vintage version is also available, featuring a worn and tattered look to it, just like Johnny Fever himself.

You have to pick this DVD collection up if you haven’t seen this before. As I watched this series, I can’t help but think of News Radio, WNYX. They had to received some sort of inspiration from these guys to make such a great show. Speaking of which, check out the WNYX News Radio Collection of tee shirts and mugs at