>Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati


I never really got to watch WKRP when I was a kid. I was kinda like, uh never born yet. But, now almost 30 years later – My wife and I recorded some on the DishNetwork DVR. I had never seen it before! To me, Johnny Fever was that teacher dude from that “Head of the Class” television series. All serious, and somewhat dry, this man was not a funny stoner DJ in my eyes! Who was this comical, masterful genius that I had never seen before? BOOGER!

And so the birth of a new tee shirt was created after seeing only 3 episodes. I was hooked! Original graphic screenprint across front of chest that reads, “Johnny Fever, WKRP“. Metal Lord style font lettering featuring stethoscope and electrofying thermometers. Listen to DJ Doctor Dr. Fever in the Mornings with Johnny Fever on WKRP in Cincinnati. A vintage version is also available, featuring a worn and tattered look to it, just like Johnny Fever himself.

You have to pick this DVD collection up if you haven’t seen this before. As I watched this series, I can’t help but think of News Radio, WNYX. They had to received some sort of inspiration from these guys to make such a great show. Speaking of which, check out the WNYX News Radio Collection of tee shirts and mugs at KaptainMyke.com.