KaptainMyke Shirt Designs at Several Online Distributors

We recently have updated and added new products to the following online distributors:

Cafepress (main distributor)

MySoti (bold colors and larger printing across front)

Redbubble (great service, bold colors, high quality prints)

Skreened (2nd pick, offers a much larger graphic screenprint t-shirt)

Zazzle (best alternative to Cafepress, cheaper prices, great selection, super fast shipping, too.)

You can find most of the links at our Main Site New t-shirts are added daily to the different websites. Some carry different styles and colors. Some offer different shipping rates and bulk discounts. Many offer a variety of different sizes and plus sized apparel, too. Be sure to check out all our many online galleries before you make a purchasing descision.

Remember, if you don’t see a t-shirt graphic screenprint offered at an online gallery just email us and we’ll put it up at the other sites within hours.


Thank You and Happy New Year!

>We wish to thank all of our Christmas 2011 Shoppers out there.  KaptainMyke gives you his deepest and sincere thanks.  “Thanks.”  We love you all!  Each and every one of you.  You are now part of a group of amazing people who wear amazing t-shirts. 

Seriously, if it weren’t for you folks out there wearing our artwork, we wouldn’t keep doing it.  It’s nice to know there is an entire army of geniuses out there wearing our “Science helps you prove others are dumb.” t-shirts.  It makes us giggle like the inner little schoolgirls that we are!

For those of you who haven’t bought our t-shirts and gifts:  Buy our gifts and t-shirts. You know you want to.

Buy a high-quality KaptainMyke T-Shirt, and wear it proud. Know that you helped KaptainMyke, and help remind others of how great television and film can be. We make t-shirts. You need t-shirts. You should buy our t-shirts. Put on a KaptainMyke Brand T-Shirt and go do something amazing today.

BigUps "Doin It" Music Video Sweeps the Nation

Or, at least it sweeps us at KaptainMyke! We have released the BigUps logo tees just in time for the 8/14/09 release of “The Goods: Live Hard Sell Hard” movie starring Jeremy Piven, and our favorite “The Office” character Ed Helms. Click here for BigUps logo t-shirts and gifts.

View the music video of their hit single “Doin’ It” thanks to funnyordie.com

“The hottest unknown boy band to sweep the nation is BigUps. Underapreciated used car salesmen by day, boy band by night. When you are selling the goods you gotta live hard, sell hard, and sing harder!”


Check out all of our “The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard” t-shirts and gifts right here.