Greetings! I’m here today to help prevent
your beloved comic books from getting damaged in the mail.
This will also help you to be a better ebay seller, too if
you are one of “those” people. These are strict
recommendations if you are submitting books to me directly.

This is the exact way I submit books to CBCS
or CGC or my convention facilitator.

I will provide links to everything I have purchased on ebay.
Always buy your shipping supplies on ebay.
It’s the cheapeast and quickest way to ship your books. Trust

You will need:

5lb. Weighmax Mail Scale
Clear Shipping Tape Rolls
Shipping Tape Gun
BCW Comic Book Backer Boards
BCW Silver Age Bags
1″ Blue Painter’s tape (skinny roll)
Fragile Shipping Tape
Sharpie Marker
Computer with a Printer for Printing a USPS Label

You will also need boxes and jiffy mailers. For comics you
can use 12x12x4 boxes which are cheaper via USPS because they
are under 12″. Graded books should be shipped the same
way but inside a 14x14x4 box instead.

GeminiII Comic Book Mailers
12x12x1 Boxes
14x14x4 Boxes
Styrofoam Peanuts

Now that you have your supplies and for super cheap on ebay…you’re
on your way to buying and selling comic books through the
mail. Let’s begin, shall we?

Today we are going to mail SPAWN #9 to myself. The first appearance
of Angela, Thor’s sister! Place your comic book carefully
inside a mylite2 with fullback (preferred) or use BCW silver
age bag and boards.

Fold up the Gemini II comic mailer along the perforated edges
for the comic book. You can safely ship up to 10 books this
way, alternating spines along the staple line. Be sure to
use a yard stick or ruler to pre-fold out your lines or you
will damage your spines.

Place the comic book(s) face down. You are going to place
strips of blue painters tape along the sides. Do not be a
“Jerry Smith” and put blue tape over the scotch
tape on top flap.

Place 1 strip of tape on each side as pictured below:

If you are super worried about sharp corners and razor sharp
sides (attempting to obtain a 9.8 or higher grade) you should
definitely tape the corners at a diagonal was well. See below:

Carefully fold over your flaps, checking slowly that there
is no bend to the comic book. See method below as pictured:

3 (Three) peices of tape when it’s all closed up carefully.
2 along the top and bottom flap edges and one for good measure
in the centerline. See pictured:

Back of Gemini II Mailer. You can see the top and bottom tape
flaps over side.

Print your name clearly in black sharpie. Write your email
address. Write your phone number too in case there is a problem.
Also you should write out the name of the comic book title(s)
and issue #. Write clearly and legibly. You are not a doctor.

Okay now set that aside somewhere. Somewhere safe from children,
coffee, mountain dew, or anything else might sprinkle on it.
We are going to build a box! Get ready. It’s hard.

Let’s make sure that box survives the USPS. Use 3-4 pieces
on the bottom outer flaps. Use tape to tape in inside bottom
flap too.

On the sides, I’ve seen boxes get blown out from stress or
other boxes on top. Use tape on that corner seam that’s merely
glued. Tape the inside too. Don’t be lazy. Go beyond what’s
necessary. After all, you just bought like 25 rolls of clear
packing tape, right? Okay then, tape away!

So now I’m going to show you the inside of the box to re-iterate
what I was stressing about the corner seam of these boxes.
Tape away with all that extra tape, brah.

Sprinkle some magical fairy dust otherwise known as styrofoam
peanuts in the bottom of the box, only enough to where you
can’t see the bottom. Shipping peanuts is fun to give, but
never to receive. So you have that going for you, right?

Place your books with the writing side up and place some remaining
packing peanuts on top of the comic. Only enough to which
you still have a half inch to an inch of space between the
top of the box and the top of the layer of peanuts. You do
not want to crush your books with the box flaps because you
overstuffed the box with peanuts!

Now you are ready to seal the box up. Place fragile stickers/tape
on the corners and bottom of the box. Print out your USPS
shipping label from the USPS website and affix it to the top
of the box.

Bottom of box:

You have now packaged a box of comics inside a box to be shipped
out. Congrats! See? Wasn’t that easy?

I hope this guide helps you as it has helped me over the years.
I have been selling on ebay since 2010 and I learned slowly
over time all of these tips. I’m here to share them all with
you on this page.

Thank you!