You have how many tee shirts?!

Who knew that if your primary business is selling tee shirts, we’ll, you’re going to have a lot of tee shirts laying around the closet. And drawers. And storage. And the attic. The numbers have fluctuated due to stains, rip, tears, and other casualties of war. To date, KaptainMyke has 145 tee shirts in the closet, (mostly sorted by color) 23 older discontinued tee shirts in the drawer, and over 30 oil stained “play shirts”, as we colorfully like to call them. The biggest victim caught in this web of tee shirts is Mrs. KaptainMyke. And Tide. (with febreeze). The only excuse we come up with is that we need to advertise our shirts everywhere we go, right?

Hey, prior to the tee shirt world, we were only sporting cheap and loud Hawaiian shirts. That’s a step up if you ask some of us around here! Sounds like we have a “What Not To Wear” Candidate!

The biggest little movie mistake in the world: Reno 911

The folks here around KaptainMyke have been fans of Reno 911! since day one. We have followed them from season 1 through the ill fated theatrical release of Reno 911! – Miami. The stars/writers of the show are great at doing quick cut scene jokes. They pull it off so well on the show between commercials. That’s where the show makes a great show. Just that, though, not a movie. Without the power of tv commercials, the gang doesn’t have a leg to stand on between jokes. When watching the movie, we entered just KNOWING this movie was going to be great. If you watch the movie trailer you can’t help but laugh. I remember on my way to the theater stating how much this movie could not possibly suck. Low and behold, sometimes the movie trailer proves better than the movie itself. They already showed us the funniest parts in the trailer! Now what do we do? We can’t fill 2 hours and follow that! Let’s do a huge masterbating scene instead. No! Say it isn’t so, Reno!

Now that we’ve somehow made it past the movie, the show continues on for 2008 with new episodes. Thank God! Keep it on the small screen, guys! We still love you and your new episodes. Let’s stay that way, okay?

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