Eating our shirts give you GA$

With gas prices continuing to soar across the country, we decided to spotlight our totally sweet and 145 mpg “W. Bush Gas Co.” tee shirt design.

Don’t be stuck on the side of some one way, dead end country road holding your empty $30 dollar three gallon gas station plastic container while wearing your W Bush Gas Co. tee shirt. Suddenly, you realize, “Hey wait. There’s no gas station that way. This is just for the shirt photo!”. Oh, yeah, sorry folks. No, seriously, pretty soon we’re going to have to start riding our go karts to the store, since we can’t afford the $95 gas tank in our truck.


Good thing we have our Death Proof bumper sticker on our go kart to keep us safe while screaming down the road at a whopping 32 mph at 95 mpg on a major US interstate. Sounds way cooler when you put it that way, no?
Yeah, we thought so, too. Pedalling is for suckers. The only downside to that is us go karters gotta keep rebuilding our carburetors since “the man” keeps putting ethanol and coffeemate in our gasoline. Better load up on fuel stabilizers, too, pa! I’ve had longer relationships with milk gallons in the refridgerator than a 5 gallon tank of gas sitting in our toolshed. We should sell our green gas as “leprechaun beer” during St. Patty’s Day. Nobody would notice, right?

Solar power is taking off, perhaps that route could help with some of these issues. A solar powered car or house is in the near future. We hear all the time that you can “go green” and sell your electricity back to the power/electric companies. Whether this is true or not still remains. But hey, we heard it on “Days of Our Lives”. So it must be true! Speaking of which, check out our Days of Our Lives line of tee shirts and gifts!