The Good Morty Comic Book from Rick and Morty!

A genuine first printing copy of The Good Morty

A genuine first printing copy of The Good Morty

This is a snippet article written from the full story detailed here at   I’m here today to talk to you about the Good Morty Comic Book, which is really a mini booklet insert that was packed with season 1 DVD and Blu-ray sets from 2014. The Good Morty is a pamphlet from the Rick and Morty cartoon series featured on Adult Swim.   The comic is briefly shown on the episode “Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind”. This small 3×5 inch mini comic book insert was originally placed loosely inside the season 1 DVD and Blu-ray sets released around late 2014, early 2015. The “first printings” only came in these select movie sets.

To reiterate: if you buy a brand new Rick and Morty: Season One DVD or Blu-ray set on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, or at a “big box” store, or any retailer that sells brand new movies, you will not receive this mini comic book. Not unless you have a time machine, of course. The only source now would be an unsuspecting seller on ebay, or a used bookstore like “Half Priced Books”.

I want to educate others out there the differences between a real Good Morty comic book and a fake Good Morty comic book. I’m watching people purchase these fake Good Morty comic books on ebay for $180-$350. As evidenced by the rest of this website, and as a true Rick and Morty fan, a diehard fan, I cannot keep watching this unfold as the weeks go by!   I would like to thank CBCS forum members BigRig, IntoAnother, Scorpion, shrewbeer, jimmylinguini, Waddly, Krazyflipz, and Steve Ricketts for all their efforts in trying to figure this mess out. Thank you!

It was first announced around October 11, 2017 that CGC claims the Good Morty comic is the first appearance of Rick and Morty in comics.  CGC is a third party comic book grading company.  CBCS is also another third party comic book grading company who has placed on the labels of 2015 Oni Press RICK AND MORTY #1 as the “First Appearance of Rick and Morty in Comics” on their graded comics prior to this discovery. It is noteworthy that I have a CGC graded 9. 8 copy of Rick and Morty #1 and it does not state the first appearance on its label.



A real blu-ray case with a real Good Morty.

A real blu-ray case with a real Good Morty. There should be a large recycle logo cutout in the left door of case.

Watch out for fakes and snatch up those low key Blu-ray sets from 2014 with the recycle logo on left door. Your best bet is to find a used bookstore, like Half Priced Books, or even a mom and pop bookstore.

Also look on ebay but use the search string “morty season 1” and buy only from unsuspecting sellers who sell random crap on their “sold” tab under filters for “other items sold”.




So now at this point, many questions are raised:

  • Why did bootleggers go through the trouble of including forged first printings of a DVD insert only available in 2015?
  • Why use search terms to single out the very thing collectors would seek out, the same week of announcement?
  • How and why was mine fake, when it was purchased months prior to the revelation of it being the first apperance?
  • Why continue to produce fake inserts for current sales “brand new” on ebay unless there was a deeper conspiracy at hand?
  • Who would the bootleggers target to benefit the most from? The Grading companies or the collectors?



  1. Morty’s face should be very light tint in color regarding skin tone. Think of Irish German Morty?
  2. Morty’s hair is brown.
  3. Book measures exactly 5″ wide. The book can be 2. 90″ inches tall, varying to 3″ inches tall.
  4. The black square on front cover should be a very dark pure shade of black.
  5. One staple, mounted in the exact center of the book, staple legs should be closed tightly.
  6. Inside panels should be evenly spaced from the outside edges of book. I’ve seen the right pages have the panels too close to the edge of book.
  7. The top red square “MORTY PUBLICATIONS USA on back cover should be a bright red pure shade of red.
  8. The lower rectangle below that displays the book creators should be a faint light pink in hue.
  9. The words along bottom of back of book should be crisp, tight, and sharp.
  10. The black lines and border of back of book should be a very dark pure shade of black ink.
  11. Blu-ray discs are silver, with a mirror finish and serial numbers etched on inside.
  12. Blu-ray sets have a recycle logo on the left door of the blue Blu-ray case. I would avoid slipcase DVD sets for now. Every video of unboxing shows the recycle logo on the case left door. My real one was inside one that matches the original unboxing videos online with the recycle logo on left inside door of Blu-ray case. .




  1. Morty’s face has a dark hue or tint in color regarding skin tone. Think of a Mexican Morty?
  2. Morty’s hair is dark brown, almost black!
  3. Book measures 4. 90″ inches wide. The book measures 3″ inches tall. Some would be 2. 90″ tall.
  4. The black square on front cover is a lighter shade of black. Not a pure color of black ink.
  5. One staple or more commonly two staples, mounted in the approximate center of the book, staple legs appear to be closed loosely.
  6. Two staples is a dead giveaway the book is fake.
  7. Inside panels are not centered and spaced from the outside edges of book. Right pages have the panels too close to the edge of book.
  8. The top red square “MORTY PUBLICATIONS USA on back cover is a darker red, a maroon shade of red.
  9. The lower rectangle below that displays the book creators appears light red in hue.
  10. The words along bottom of back of book are dull, slightly out of focus, or just not sharp at all.
  11. The black lines and border of back of book would appear to be a faded out shade of black ink.
  12. Jerry Smith on back of Blu-ray sets can have his feet missing entirely with no ultraviolet hd panel covering the spot at all.
  13. Blu-ray discs are black in color, not silver.



  1. First printing
  2. First printing signed and stamped (250 copies)
  3. Madman Entertainment Austalian Foreign Edition first printing
  4. Counterfeit Copies containing 2 staples and faded inks
  5. Counterfeit Copies containing 1 staple and faded inks


So in light of all of this. . . CGC is a professional third party comic book grading company, the largest in the world, since 2000. A 17 year old company with professional comic graders. . . . and they have to call Adult Swim and Warner Brothers. Are you telling me that a bunch of amatuers with horrible spelling and bad grammar who writes run on sentences like crazy on a competing third party comic book grading company’s forum actually figured this out over a team of professionals at a multi-million dollar company?!

CGC started this entire rabbit hole and now they aren’t even sure how to proceed forward and grade these comic books?

Ok then.


Update: 11/11/17

Steve Ricketts, employee of CBCS comic grading services and inhouse presser, released this statement on the CBCS forums:

Steve Ricketts, employee of CBCS comic grading services and inhouse presser, released this statement on the CBCS forums:

On 11/4/2017, Steve Ricketts, employee of CBCS comic grading services and inhouse presser, released this statement on the CBCS forums.

Is one real and one counterfeit, or were they both produced by legitimate sources and included with real DVD/Bluray sets?
This question is impossible to answer.

Would someone counterfeiting a DVD set actually go to the trouble of counterfeiting a throwaway pamphlet?
In my honest opinion, no. They’d have no reason to reproduce the booklet. At the time these came out, the book was worthless and anyone buying the DVD/Blueray wouldn’t question the fact that it was a bootleg based on the fact that this worthless booklet was not included with their set. I suppose it’s possible, but in my opinion, not likely.

If one of these is not an actual counterfeit, would it be easy for a convincing counterfeit to be made?
Yes, and quite convincingly. Knowing what I know about them, and having my experience in the printing industry, I can say that these can be reproduced today, much closer to the original “Copy A” than the current “Copy B” was produced. Even without the original raw data file, it is possible to recreate this booklet with much more accuracy.

Can CBCS certify and encapsulate these?
Due to the fact that these can be so easily, and convincingly counterfeited, no.



Update: December 2, 2017

Cynthia Ritchie <>

Hello Mike,

Thank you for your recent submission. Upon further processing the following book(s) has been identified as not eligible for grading and encapsulation services.

Line Item 1 – The Good Morty #nn

After much research and discussion, CGC has decided that we will not grade The Good Morty “chick tract” mini comic. We are fully aware of all of the
versions that exist, but are unable to confirm all versions’ origin. Due to DVD’s and Blu Rays packaging and inserts being manufactured all over the world, it’s impossible to identify a particular version as a “fake”, when in actuality if could have just been printed in a different facility.

We will, however, be allowing this book to be submitted under our Signature Series Celebrity/Sketch service for copies that have been signed and witnessed.  This service does not grade the book itself, but will authenticate the signature(s), and will encapsulate the mini comic into our sketch holder for preservation.

All grading charges for this item(s) will be reversed to your account. Thank you and have a great day.


Cynthia Ritchie
Customer Service
p. 877-662-6642 | f. 941-360-2558

This is a good thing, right?

This investigation is now finally concluded.  There will be no grading companies grading this mini booklet dvd insert. We all can breathe a sigh of relief now. The 2015 Oni Press RICK AND MORTY #1 comic books and their incredibly unrealistic high dollar variants should not be effected by this incident.

You can read the full investigation on this Good Morty comic book, including the Madman Entertainment edition at this link:











Greetings! I’m here today to help prevent your beloved comic books from getting damaged in the mail. This will also help you to be a better ebay seller, too if you are one of “those” people. These are strict recommendations if you are submitting books to me directly.

This is the exact way I submit books to CBCS or CGC or my convention facilitator.

I will provide links to everything I have purchased on ebay. Always buy your shipping supplies on ebay. It’s the cheapeast and quickest way to ship your books. Trust me.

You will need:

5lb. Weighmax Mail Scale
Clear Shipping Tape Rolls
Shipping Tape Gun
BCW Comic Book Backer Boards
BCW Silver Age Bags
1″ Blue Painter’s tape (skinny roll)
Fragile Shipping Tape
Sharpie Marker
Computer with a Printer for Printing a USPS Label

You will also need boxes and jiffy mailers. For comics you can use 12x12x4 boxes which are cheaper via USPS because they are under 12″. Graded books should be shipped the same way but inside a 14x14x4 box instead.

Gemini II Comic Book Mailers
12x12x1 Boxes
14x14x4 Boxes
Styrofoam Packing Peanuts


Now that you have your supplies and for super cheap on ebay…you’re on your way to buying and selling comic books through the mail. Let’s begin, shall we?

Today we are going to mail SPAWN #9 to myself. The first appearance of Angela, Thor’s sister! Place your comic book carefully inside a mylite2 with fullback (preferred) or use BCW silver age bag and boards.

Fold up the Gemini II comic mailer along the perforated edges for the comic book. You can safely ship up to 10 books this way, alternating spines along the staple line. Be sure to use a yard stick or ruler to pre-fold out your lines or you will damage your spines.

Place the comic book(s) face down. You are going to place strips of blue painters tape along the sides. Do not be a “Jerry Smith” and put blue tape over the scotch tape on top flap.

Place 1 strip of tape on each side as pictured below:

If you are super worried about sharp corners and razor sharp sides (attempting to obtain a 9.8 or higher grade) you should definitely tape the corners at a diagonal was well. See below:

Carefully fold over your flaps, checking slowly that there is no bend to the comic book. See method below as pictured:

3 (Three) peices of tape when it’s all closed up carefully. 2 along the top and bottom flap edges and one for good measure in the centerline. See pictured:

Back of Gemini II Mailer. You can see the top and bottom tape flaps over side.

Print your name clearly in black sharpie. Write your email address. Write your phone number too in case there is a problem. Also you should write out the name of the comic book title(s) and issue #. Write clearly and legibly. You are not a doctor.

Okay now set that aside somewhere. Somewhere safe from children, coffee, mountain dew, or anything else might sprinkle on it. We are going to build a box! Get ready. It’s hard. Let’s make sure that box survives the USPS. Use 3-4 pieces on the bottom outer flaps. Use tape to tape in inside bottom flap too.

On the sides, I’ve seen boxes get blown out from stress or other boxes on top. Use tape on that corner seam that’s merely glued. Tape the inside too. Don’t be lazy. Go beyond what’s necessary. After all, you just bought like 25 rolls of clear packing tape, right? Okay then, tape away!

So now I’m going to show you the inside of the box to re-iterate what I was stressing about the corner seam of these boxes. Tape away with all that extra tape, brah.

Sprinkle some magical fairy dust otherwise known as styrofoam peanuts in the bottom of the box, only enough to where you can’t see the bottom. Shipping peanuts is fun to give, but never to receive. So you have that going for you, right?

Place your books with the writing side up and place some remaining packing peanuts on top of the comic. Only enough to which you still have a half inch to an inch of space between the top of the box and the top of the layer of peanuts. You do not want to crush your books with the box flaps because you overstuffed the box with peanuts!

Now you are ready to seal the box up. Place fragile stickers/tape on the corners and bottom of the box. Print out your USPS shipping label from the USPS website and affix it to the top of the box.

Bottom of box:

You have now packaged a box of comics inside a box to be shipped out. Congrats! See? Wasn’t that easy? I hope this guide helps you as it has helped me over the years. I have been selling on ebay since 2010 and I learned slowly over time all of these tips. I’m here to share them all with you on this page.  I’ve had 2 boxes damaged in 10 years.  Pretty good odds!

Thank you!

2015 IDW Publishing Back to the Future #1 ZBOX Variant Cast Signed CGC 9.8

2015 IDW Publishing Back to the Future #1
ZBOX Variant Exclusive cover by Doug Chiang
The “Grays Almanac Cover”
Released on 10/20/2015, the same day Marty, Doc, and Jennifer travelled to the future in BTTF II
Cast Signed witnessed signatures
White Pages
CGC Graded Signature Series 9.8 #1504938002

Signed by Michael J Fox on 1/20/16
Signed by Christopher Lloyd on 6/4/2016
Signed by Lea Thompson on 6/4/2016
Signed by Thomas F Wilson on 1/7/17

The only way to obtain this extremely hard to find variant was to be a subscribing member of zbox for the month of OCT 2015, have the code on the card for the comic, and receive it safely in the mail from ZBOX.  I find this book to be extremely culturally significant and the hands that touched it.  One of the best trilogies ever made, hands down.  Thank you to those who made these films happen.  Bravo!

I am hoping to obtain signatures from:
Flea, Billy Zane, Elizabeth Shue, Bob Gale, and Robert Zemekis, and Stephen Spielberg.

If you guys or their managers are reading this, please sign these books if you ever meet my guy Matt from Trinity Comics Convention Facilitator Services.