A Love Letter to the CEO of Cafepress


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CEO of Cafepress


I have been a member of cafepress since 2005. I went from making thousands to hundreds and now I barely get $300 per month from Cafepress. Traffic is lower now, and I know this from collecting 5 years of Google Analytics reports and tracking. My fan portal designs outperform all my designs in total by 87%. I understand the company must stabilize during weak economic times but you can’t take away the incentive for us shopkeepers to want to willingly continue to design new art at cafepress. Going from 20% in 2006 to 15% in 2009 to 10% in 2010 and now being told 5% is wrong, plain and simple. All your competitors are handing out 20-30% commissions to shop keepers. I understand the competitive market but the recent business strategies are killing the income of the people who are designing the products for you to sell. My primary business model is fan portal shirts from movies and tv shows. Doing a flat 5% for fan portal and name brand products are giving us all pay cuts and you know it. I understand there is a higher cost for attaining licenses from license companies who own the movie and tv show properties. Do like the plus size apparel though, and charge those products are a higher cost, not effecting our commissions. There have to be more alternative choices to make.

Latest Hunger Games Designs Released This Week


KaptainMyke is on fire with this week’s newest Hunger Games movie shirts and gifts! In a valiant effort to be a part of the Official Hunger Games Store at Cafepress, KaptainMyke continues to add more designs to the fan portal pages in the marketplace. Let’s dive a little more in depth behind each design and how they tie in directly with the movie adaptation of the book. Check out our recent designs added right here:

Katniss Consideration Shirt

Hunger Games movie quote design by KaptainMyke featuring the words, “Thank you for your consideration“, with an archer’s arrow shooting through an apple in bright red letters. Katniss is standing before the Gamemakers on her third day of training for the Hunger Games. Due to being upstaged by a fine roasted pig, Katniss pulls an arrow from her quiver and shoots it through an apple inside the roasted pig’s mouth. The apple is pinned against the nearby back wall as the entire room falls silent in disbelief. Now that’s how to get some attention!

Mockingjay Hope Shirt

Hunger Games Movie Quote Shirts


Capitol Seal ShirtMay the odds be ever in your favor. KaptainMyke went and saw The Hunger Games today and enjoyed the movie a lot.  There is plenty of tension, laughs and thrills – so Hunger Games fans will not be disappointed!  Shop our selection of original and unique Hunger Games Movie Quote shirts. These Mockingjay and District logo shirts make great gifts, too! We bring you perfect Hunger Games movie t-shirt and gift ideas for the 74th annual Hunger Games fan in your world. More designs coming soon!

Capitol Coal ShirtWhether you want to rebel and start a revolution or abide to your tyrannical government using propaganda techniques…buy a Hunger Games movie inspired fan shirt by KaptainMyke and go see the movie based on the books by Suzanne Collins, “Hunger Games” in theaters this friday, March 23, 2012!

74th Annual Hunger Games Shirts

More t-shirt designs and gift items can be found in our Hunger Games Movie Quote shirts section of our totally sweet website.




Price is Right TV Game Show Shirts, Gifts


Original and unique Price is Right tv game show quote shirts by KaptainMyke.  The Price Is Right is an American game show created by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman. The program premiered on September 4, 1972 on CBS. The program revolves around contestants competing to identify the pricing of merchandise to win cash and prizes. Contestants are selected from the studio audience when the announcer proclaims, “Come on down!”

We’ve added a few new Price is Right designs to our storefront in the past week for all you tv game show fans out there. Fun fact: “Plinko” is Bob Barker’s favorite game out of all the featured games on the show. (us, too).

I Love Price is Right Shirt I Love Plinko Shirt Come on Down T-Shirt

Get ready to spin the wheel…More coming soon!

Free shotglass: FLASH SALE!


Happy St Patrick’s Day!  Make sure you grab yourself a pair of shot glasses today.   It’s a FLASH sale at Cafepress!  Get a FREE shot glass when you buy one shot glass in the Cafepress Marketplace.  Use code “SLAINTE” at checkout.  Browse some of KaptainMyke’s retro vintage Saint Patrick’s Day themed apparel and gift item ideas, while you’re at it!  Bottoms up!