The Secret to Obtaining Expensive “Low Print Run” Comic Book Variants for CHEAP

The Secret to Obtaining Low Print Run Expensive Comic Book Variants for CHEAP

by KaptainMyke

This discussion popped up on the CBCS discussion forums today.  Many have asked how to obtain the newest Mattina Metal Virgin Variants and not pay the ridiculous $300 price tag on ebay.

Welcome to the new form of ticketmaster and stubhub!  Instead of concert tickets it’s comic books.  The real secret is to have “liked” their facebook page, and sign up for accounts with:
The Aspen Store
The Nerd Store
Golden Apple Comics

Scorpion Comics
Sad Lemon Comics (UK)
Frankie’s Comics
Jetpack Comics

Midtown Comics
Marc Ellerby, (UK) (Rick and Morty)
and Tony Moore  websites, etc and so on.

This is just a fraction of what’s out there.  Google your favorite artist or comic book store online.  When you get an email that a pre-sale is happening hypothetically say, Saturday at 9am EST time zone, you should set your calendar 10 MINUTES EARLY and be one of those people hitting refresh every 2 seconds buying that store exclusive 3 pack featuring a B&W Variant, Trade Dress Variant, and Virgin Variant all for just a mere $75 while everyone else is stuck paying $300 for the Virgin variant art and $100 for the trade dress version.