Another blogger responds to Cafepress Marketplace

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In light of recent unpopular changes made by CafePress(tm) (1), we would like to extend CafePress Store Owners warm welcome to

At, we will continue to let you set the markup price for your designs both in our marketplace, and throughout our retail channels. So, not only are most of our product wholesale prices significantly lower than CafePress(tm)(2), but now you can make significantly more on each and every sale of your design, even in our marketplace.

Compare two identical sales:One-sided White T-Shirt Design price set by store owner at $22.99 in the CafePress(tm) or E-Shirt Marketplaces (3):Your CafePress Profit: $17.99*10% = $1.80Your E-Shirt Profit: $22.99 – $13.95 = $9.04

You don’t have to be a Rocket Scientist to see many people have already moved over to

It all adds up to what we call the difference. Come and see for yourself.
(1) Refers to announcements made on April 22, 2009 ( Tee (cp:$17.99, e-shirt:$13.95), Womens Tee (cp:$17.99, e-shirt:$13.95), Dark Tee (cp:$18.99, e-shirt:$16.95), Womens Tank (CP: $16.99, e-shirt:$13.95), Womens Dark (cp:$19.99, e-shirt:$18.95), Dark Long Sleeve Tee (cp:$23.99, e-shirt:$22.95), Dark Sweatshirt (cp:$29.99, e-shirt:$28.95)(3) Calculated using current CafePress and E-Shirt wholesale prices, and statement made by Cafepress (1).