Wanted: TMNT Figures


Let me know if you have any of the following 1993-1997 mint on card TMNT action figures:

1. Gold Shogun Don (They do exist).
2. Movie Splinter on original 1991 card w/ fur w/tooth showing
3. Hot Shot
4. Any Undercover Turtle with cloth trenchcoat (I have leo)
5. Dino Force Turtles
6. Sumo Mike
7. Mummy Raph
8. Genghis Frog
9. Black Belt Mike
10. Slam Dunkin’ Don

No Loose Figures.

email kaptainmyke@gmail.com.

TMNT 1988-1997 Action Figure Checklist (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Playmates Line

I have compiled a checklist of sorts regarding the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure line-up spanning from 1988-1997.  (Under construction)

Blue is common.
Green is rare.
Red is very rare.
Purple is ultra rare.

1988 – WAVE 1
April O’Neil blue stripes common $35
April O’Neil  no stripes, no press pass ultra rare $150
April O’Neil no press pass  very rare $85
April O’Neil press pass orange stripes  rare $55
Bebop common $50
Bebop with Pop-Up Display very rare $150
Donatello with Pop-Up Display very rare $150
Donatello with fan club insert ultra rare $200
Donatello common $50
Foot Soldier common $50
Foot Soldier with Pop-Up Display ultra rare $250
Leonardo with Pop-Up Display very rare $150
Leonardo with fan club insert ultra rare $200
Leonardo common $50
Michaelangelo with Pop-Up Display very rare $150
Michaelangelo with fan club insert ultra rare $200
Michaelangelo common $50
Raphael with Pop-Up Display very rare $150
Raphael with fan club insert ultra rare  $200
Raphael common $50
Rocksteady with popup display very rare $150
Rocksteady common $50
Shredder with pop-up display very rare $150
Shredder common $50
Splinter common $50
Splinter with pop-up display very rare $150

1989 – WAVE 2
Ace Duck hat OFF w/popup display ultra rare $150
Ace Duck hat OFF very rare $50
Ace Duck hat ON w/popup display rare $100
Ace Duck hat ON  common $30
Breakfightin’ Raphael common
Baxter Stockman w/popup display very rare
Baxter Stockman common
Casey Jones w/popup display very rare
Casey Jones common
General Traag common
General Traag w/ popup display very rare
Genghis Frog common
Genghis Frog Gold Belt very rare
Genghis Frog Gold Belt Off rare
Genghis Frog Bagged Grenades ultra rare
Genghis Frog Black Belt Off rare
Genghis Frog Pop Up Display very rare
Krang common
Krang with Pop Up Display very rare
Leatherhead w/popup display very rare
Leatherhead common
Metalhead with Popup display ultra rare
Rat King common
Rat King with Popup Display very rare
Rock ‘N Roll Michaelangelo common
Sewer-Swimmin’ Donatello common
Usagi Yojimbo common
Usagi Yojimbo with Pop up Display very rare
Wacky Walkin’ Mouser common

1990 – WAVE 3
Creepy Crawlin’ Splinter common
Donatello, with Storage Shell common
Don, the Undercover Turtle common
Giant Turtles Donatello ultra rare
Giant Turtles Leonardo ultra rare
Giant Turtles Michaelangelo ultra rare
Giant Turtles Raphael ultra rare
Fugitoid common
Killer Bee  rare
Leo, the Sewer Samurai common
Mike, the Sewer Surfer common
Mondo Gecko with unpainted eyebrows and knee (green) ultra rare
Mondo Gecko with eyebrow stickers (black) rare
Mondo Gecko with eyebrows painted black rare
Muckman & Joe Eyeball (1990 action figure) common
Mutagen Man common
Napoleon Bonafrog light common
Napoleon Bonafrog dark very rare
Needlenose rare
Panda Khan common
Pizzaface w/red on hat, with green knife, on a hero card ultra rare
Pizzaface green knife very rare
Pizzaface white knife, no red on hat
Raph, the Space Cadet common
Ray Fillet purple V on chest ultra rare
Ray Fillet red V on chest very rare
Ray Fillet yellow V on chest rare
Ray Fillet common
Scumbug common
Slash with purple belt, red “s”, bright yellow chest on a hero card ultra rare
Slash  with purple belt, red “s”, bright yellow chest ultra rare
Slash  with purple belt, red “s”, mustard yellow chest very rare
Slash  with purple belt, yellow “s” rare
Slash with black belt common
Slice ‘N Dice Shredder common
Sword Slicin’ Leonardo common
Triceraton common
Wingnut & Screwloose common

1991 – WAVE 4
Antrax rare
Chrome Dome common
Classic Rocker Leo  common
Dirtbag common
Grand Slammin’ Raph common
Groundchuck rare
Head Spinnin’ Bebop common
Heavy Metal Raph  common
Hose ’em Down Don  common
King Lionheart rare
Leonardo with Storage Shell common
Lieutenant Leo  common
Machine Gunnin’ Rocksteady common
Make My Day Leo common
Michelangelo with Storage Shell common
Midshipman Mike common
Movie Star Don rare
Movie Star Leo rare
Movie Star Mike rare
Movie Star Raph rare
Pro Pilot Don  common
Punkin’ Don  common
Rahzar  common
Rahzar with red nose (unpainted) very rare
Raphael with Storage Shell   common
Raph, the Green Teen Beret  common
Rappin’ Mike  common
Sergeant Bananas rare
Shell Kickin’ Raph  common
Shell Slammin’ Mike  common
Skateboardin’ Mike  common
Slam Dunkin’ Don  common
Slap Shot Leo  common
Space Usagi  common
Super Shredder wave 1 card (original art card) common
Super Shredder (purple German UK Variant) ultra rare
Super Shredder reissue card (purple/blue)  common
T.D. Tossin’ Leo  common
Talkin’ Donatello  common
Talkin’ Leonardo  common
Talkin’ Michelangelo  common
Talkin’ Raphael  common
Tattoo  common
Tattoo with tattoo on belly ultra rare
Tokka with green highlights  common
Tokka with brown highlights  very rare
Walkabout rare
Wyrm  common
Zak, the Neutrino  common

5th Anniversary Collector’s Turtle  common
April  common
April, the Ninja Newscaster  common
April, the Ravishing Reporter  common
Bandito Bashin’ Mike  common
Beach Combin’ Mike  common
Cave Turtle Leo and his Dingy Dino  common
Chief Leo  common
Classic Party Reptile Leo  common
Classic Clownin’ Mike  common
Crazy Cowboy Don  common
Delta Team Don  common
Dimwit Doughboy Rocksteady  common
Doctor Elrare
Giant Bebop ultra rare
Giant Rocksteady ultra rare
Halfcourt  common
Head Droppin’ Don  common
Head Droppin’ Leo  common
Head Droppin’ Mike  common
Head Droppin’ Raph  common
Hot Doggin’ Mike  common
Hothead rare
Lifeguard Leo  common
Karate Choppin’ Mike  common
Kooky Kalvary Leo  common
Kowabunga Kickboxin’ Leo  common
Krang’s Android Body .  very rare
Merdude rare
Mona Lisa  common
Monty Moose  common
Movie III April  common
Movie III Kenshin  very rare
Movie III Princess Mitsu rare
Movie III Samurai Don  common
Movie III Samurai Leo  common
Movie III Samurai Mike  common
Movie III Samurai Raph  common
Movie III Splinter  common
Movie III Walker  common
Movie III Warlord rare
Movie Star Foot Soldier   very rare
Movie Star Splinter  common
Movie Star Splinter w/cloth robes w/ teeth ultra rare
Mutatin’ Bebop  common
Mutatin’ Donatello  common
Mutatin’ Leonardo  common
Mutatin’ Michelangelo  common
Mutatin’ Raphael  common
Mutatin’ Rocksteady  common
Mutatin’ Splinter  common
Navy Seal Mike  common
Ninja Knockin’ Bebop  common
The Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  common
Powerliftin’ Don  common
Power Punchin’ Rocksteady  common
Private Porknose Bebop rare
Raph, the Magnificent  common
Rock ‘n Roll Mondo Gecko  common
Sandstorm  common
Scale Tail  rare
Sewer Cyclin’ Raph  common
Sewer Scout Raph  common
Spike ‘n Volley Don  common
Super-Swimmin’ Raph  common
Toon Burne rare
Toon Dask   very rare
Toon Don  common
Toon Irma rare
Toon Kala   very rare
Toon Leo  common
Toon Mike  common
Toon Raph  common
Toon Shredder rare
Toon Vern rare
Toon Zak  common
Track ‘n Field Leo  very rare
Turtle Troll Don  very rare
Turtle Troll Leo  very rare
Turtle Troll Mike  very rare
Turtle Troll Raph  very rare
Yankee Doodle Raph  common

1993 – WAVE 6
Black Belt Boxer Mike  very rare
Cartwheelin’ Karate Don common
Cave Turtle Don and his Trippy Tyrannosaurus common
Cave Turtle Mike and his Silly Stegosaurus common
Cave Turtle Raph and his Tubular Pterodactyl common
Channel 6 News Van with April (Green uniform repaint)  very rare
Don as Dracula common
Farmer Mike and his Turtle Tractor common
Giant Movie III Samurai Don  very rare
Giant Movie III Samurai Leo  very rare
Giant Movie III Samurai Mike  very rare
Giant Movie III Samurai Raph  very rare
Giant Movie Star Don ultra rare
Giant Movie Star Leo ultra rare
Giant Movie Star Mike ultra rare
Giant Movie Star Raph ultra rare
Giant Mutatin’ Don common
Giant Mutatin’ Leo common
Giant Mutatin’ Mike common
Giant Movie Mutatin’ Raph  ultra rare
Giant Turtle Troll Don ultra rare
Giant Turtle Troll Leo ultra rare
Giant Turtle Troll Mike ultra rare
Giant Turtle Troll Raph ultra rare
Hot Spot  very rare
Jump Attack Jujitsu Raph common
Kenshin   ultra rare
Leo as the Wolfman common
Mighty Bebop common
Mike as Frankenstein common
Mona Lisa Movie III Evil Warhorse with Castle Guard ultra rare
Movie III Rebel Warhorse with Rebel Soldier ultra rare
Movie III Turtlepult with Whit ultra rare
Mutatin’ April  very rare
Mutatin’ Foot Soldier common
Mutatin’ Rahzar common
Mutatin’ Shredder common
Mutatin’ Tokka common
Night Ninja Bebop common
Night Ninja Don common
Night Ninja Leo common
Night Ninja Mike common
Night Ninja Raph common
Night Ninja Rocksteady common
Raph as the Mummy common
Raph as the Mummy w/ unpainted chest w/ unpainted knee  ultra rare
Rhinoman  very rare
Road Ready Leo common
Road Ready Raph common
Road Ready Shredder common
Road Ready Splinter common
Robotic Bebop   very rare
Robotic Rocksteady   very rare
Scratch  very rare
Somersault Samurai Leo  rare
Splinter rare
Super Don  very rare
Super Mike  very rare
Super Shredder (Chef Boyardee Exclusive Repaint)  ultra rare

1994 – WAVE 7
(MANY RE-RELEASES) Those with cards or coins are more rare.

Airforce Mutation Donatello common
Airforce Mutation Raphael common
April common
Arctic Donatello common
Breakin’ Loose Leonardo common
Bride of Frankenstein April common
Captain Leonardo common
Cave Beast Bebop and his Bodacious Brontosaurus common
Cave Woman April and her Radical Raptor common
Chief Engineer Michaelangelo common
Chief Medical Officer Raphael common
Construction Mutation Donatello common
Construction Mutation Leonardo common
Construction Mutation Michaelangelo common
Creature from the Black Lagoon Leo common
Cruisin’ Leo with Classic Sewer Cycle common
Cyber Samurai Bebop  very rare
Cyber Samurai Don  very rare
Cyber Samurai Leo  very rare
Cyber Samurai Mike  very rare
Cyber Samurai Raph  very rare
Cyber Samurai Shredder  very rare
Deep Sea Diver Leonardo common
Dwarf Don  very rare
Eggsplodin’ Donatello common
Farmer Don with Modern Mutant Tractor common
First Officer Donatello common
City Wars Playset (Modular Battleset with Mini-Mutant Toon Turtle Leonardo Figure!)  very rare
Dimension X Wars Playset (Modular Battleset with Mini-Mutant Shredder Figure!)  very rare
Gatekeeper Rocksteady  very rare
Hero Hatchin’ Michaelangelo common
Invisible Man Mike common
Krang’s Android Body  very rare
Krang’s Android Body w/ collectible trading card w/ coin  ultra rare
Kung Fu Donatello common
Kung Fu Michaelangelo common
Kung Fu Raphael common
Kung Fu Rocksteady common
The High Flyin’ Road Ragin’ Combo (Mini-Mutant Turtle Blimp with Cheapskate and Mini-Mutant Michaelangelo Figure!)  ultra rare
The Mutant Military Combo (Mini-Mutant Military Turtle Copter and Turtle Cycle with Mini-Mutant Pro Pilot Donatello Figure!)  ultra rare
The Turtle Tenderizin’ Combo (Mini-Mutant Module with Turtle Cycle and Mini-Mutant Shredder Figure!)  ultra rare
The Crushin’ Slam Bam Combo (Mini-Mutant Technodrome with Samurai Cycle and Mini-Mutant Bebop Figure!)  ultra rare
Lunar Leonardo common
Moon Lander Michaelangelo common
The Mutant Raph common
Pizza Tossin’ Don common
Pizza Tossin’ Leo common
Pizza Tossin’ Mike common
Pizza Tossin’ Raph common
Retro Rocket Raphael common
Road Racin’ Mike with Kowabunga Bike common
Robotic Foot Soldier   very rare
Safari Michaelangelo common
Savage Leo  very rare
Scuba Divin’ Raph with Psych Out Spin Out Scuba Tube  ultra rare
Shell Splittin’ Raphael common
Shogun April common
Shogun Don (Gold)   ultra rare
Shogun Leo (Gold)   ultra rare
Shogun Mike (Gold)   ultra rare
Shogun Raph (Gold)   ultra rare
Shogun Don (Silver)  rare
Shogun Leo (Silver)  rare
Shogun Mike (Silver)  rare
Shogun Raph (Silver)  rare
Pizza Wars Playset (Modular Battleset with Mini-Mutant Toon Turtle Michaelangelo Figure!)  ultra rare
Shogun Shredder common
Shogun Shoate (Purple Weapons)  ultra rare
Shogun Shoate (Blue Weapons)   very rare
Shogun Splinter common
Shogun Triceraton (Purple Weapons)  ultra rare
Shogun Triceraton (Blue Weapons)   very rare
Sewer Wars Playset (Modular Battleset with Mini-Mutant Toon Turtle Donatello Figure!)  ultra rare
Supermutant Bebop common
Supermutant Donatello common
Supermutant Leonardo common
Supermutant Michaelangelo common
Supermutant Raphael common
Supermutant Rocksteady common
Supermutant Shredder common
Supermutant Splinter common
Surfin’ Leo with Mondo Mutant Surfer Tube  ultra rare
Touchdown Donatello common
The Totally Tiny Turtle Combo (Mini-Mutant Party Wagon with Newscycle and Mini-Mutant Toon Raphael Figure!)  ultra rare
Warrior Bebop   very rare
Undercover Donatello w/ CLOTH trenchcoat, GOLD coin  ultra rare
Undercover Leonardo w/ CLOTH trenchcoat, GOLD coin  ultra rare
Undercover Michaelangelo w/ CLOTH trenchcoat, GOLD coin  ultra rare
Undercover Raphael w/ CLOTH trenchcoat, GOLD coin  ultra rare
Undercover Donatello w/ CLOTH trenchcoat, trading card  very rare
Undercover Leonardo w/ CLOTH trenchcoat,  trading card  very rare
Undercover Michaelangelo w/ CLOTH trenchcoat, trading card  very rare
Undercover Raphael w/ CLOTH trenchcoat,  trading card  very rare
Undercover Donatello w/ plastic trenchcoat  common
Undercover Leonardo w/ plastic trenchcoat  common
Undercover Michaelangelo w/ plastic trenchcoat  common
Undercover Raphael w/ plastic trenchcoat  common

1995 – WAVE 8
Barbaric (The Savage Dragon)  common
Battle Damage Dragon (The Savage Dragon)  common
Donatello (Jim Lee Sculpt)  common
Michaelangelo (Jim lee Sculpt)  common
Raphael (Jim Lee Sculpt)  common
Communications Specialist Leonardo  common
Covert Specialist Raphael  common
Demolition Specialist Donatello  common
Submergence Specialist Mike  common
Firefightin’ Frenzy Combo (Mini-Mutant Fire Command Helicopter with Fire Response Cycle and Mini-Mutant Donatello Figure!)   very rare
Metallized Motorin’ Combo (Metallized Mini-Mutant Party Wagon with Metallized Samurai Cycle and Mini-Mutant Toon Michaelangelo Figure!)  ultra rare
Mighty Muscle Combo (Mini-Mutant Classic Convertible, American Convertible and Mini-Mutant Original Movie Donatello!)  ultra rare
Pizza Police Combo (Mini-Mutant S.W.A.T. Wagon with Police Cycle and Mini-Mutant Turtle Raphael Figure!)  very rare
The Mutant Combat Combo (Mini-Mutant Military Turtle Tank with Samurai Cycle and Mini-Mutant Captain Michaelangelo Figure!)   very rare
Metallized Turtle Travelin’ Combo (Metallized Mini-Mutant Party Wagon with Metallized Samurai Cycle and Mini-Mutant Toon Michaelangelo Figure!)  ultra rare
Metal Mutant Donatello with Lion Spirit Armor  common
Metal Mutant Leonardo with Dragon Spirit Armor  common
Metal Mutant Michaelangelo with Beetle Spirit Armor  common
Metal Mutant Raphael with Phoenix Spirit Armor  common
Metal Mutant Shredder with Tiger Spirit Armor  common
Savage Dragon (The Savage Dragon)   very rare
She-Dragon (The Savage Dragon)  rare
Shooter Donatello  common
Shooter Leonardo  common
Shooter Michaelangelo  common
Shooter Raphael  common
Sumo Michaelangelo   ultra rare
Sumo Raphael  very rare
Warrior Chrome Dome   ultra rare
Warrior Metalhead Michaelangelo   ultra rare
Warrior Rocksteady   very rare
Warrior Winged Donatello   ultra rare
Warrior Winged Leonardo  ultra rare
Warrior Rahzar with Fur prototype
Warrior Rahzar   ultra rare

1996 – WAVE 9
Andro-Skeleton Leonardo  common
Coil Cool Donatello   very rare
Dynatronic Donatello  ultra rare
Lickety Split Leonardo  common
Mighty Mech Michaelangelo  common
Rapid Recoilin’ Raphael   very rare
Robomatic Raphael  common
Robotation Michaelangelo  common
Stretch Donatello   very rare
Stretch Leonardo   very rare
Stretch Michaelangelo   very rare
Stretch Raphael   very rare
Stretch Shredder  ultra rare

1997 – WAVE 10 (FINAL)
Ankyl Leo  common
Bad Boy Biker Raph with Street Cycle (Next Mutation)  common
Bonesteel  common
Blacktop Boardin’ Venus (Next Mutation)  common
Camo-Armor Turtleflage Donatello (Next Mutation)  very rare
Camo-Armor Turtleflage Leonardo (Next Mutation)  very rare
Camo-Armor Turtleflage Michaelangelo (Next Mutation)  very rare
Camo-Armor Turtleflage Raphael (Next Mutation)  very rare
Camo-Armor Turtleflage Venus (Next Mutation)  very rare
Camo-Bandanna Turtleflage Donatello (Next Mutation)  ultra rare
Camo-Bandanna Turtleflage Leonardo (Next Mutation)  ultra rare
Camo-Bandanna Turtleflage Michaelangelo (Next Mutation)  ultra rare
Camo-Bandanna Turtleflage Raphael (Next Mutation)  ultra rare
Camo-Caped Turtleflage Dragon Lord (Next Mutation)  ultra rare
Cowabunga Cruisin’ Raph (Next Mutation)  common
Donatello (Next Mutation)  common
Donatello Water Warrior  common
Dragon Lord (Next Mutation)  very rare
Elite Guard (Next Mutation)  common
Leonardo (Next Mutation)  common
Leonardo Wind Warrior  common
Mega Motorin’ Elite Guard with Street Cycle (Next Mutation)  common
Michaelangelo (Next Mutation)  common
Michaelangelo Thunder Warrior  common
Pterano Don  rare
Rank Warrior (Next Mutation)  common
Raphael (Next Mutation)  common
Raphael Fire Warrior  common
Sewer Thrashin’ Mike (Next Mutation)  common
Shoot the Curl Don (Next Mutation)  common
Shredder (Next Mutation)  common
Silver  very rare
Splinter (Next Mutation)  common
Street Surfin’ Leo (Next Mutation)  common
Stego Raph  common
Tricera Mike  common
Turtleflage Don’s Camo Hydro Skimmer (Next Mutation)  ultra rare
Turtleflage Leo’s Camo Blitz Cycle (Next Mutation)  ultra rare
Tyranno Shredder  common
Vam Mi  rare
Venus (Next Mutation)  rare

UNRELEASED (only from In-House, Mirage Studios Archives, Peter Laird, or Kevin Eastman himself)
Dr. Quease (Next Mutation) prototype
Fugitoid Collector Figure (Boxed, vacuum metallized finish)  ultra rare (I have one)
Leonardo (Jim Lee Sculpt) prototype
Giant April prototype
Metal Mutant Bebop with Fish Spirit Armor prototype
Metal Mutant Rocksteady with Serpent Spirit Armor prototype
Metal Mutant Warhorse prototype
Road Ready Raphael prototype
Savage Leo with Sewer Warcat prototype
Sewer Knight Mike prototype
Shadow Ninja Donatello (Next Mutation) prototype
Shadow Ninja Leonardo (Next Mutation) prototype
Shadow Ninja Michaelangelo (Next Mutation) prototype
Shadow Ninja Raphael (Next Mutation) prototype
Shadow Ninja Venus de Milo (Next Mutation prototype
Shogun Bebop prototype
Spellcaster Splinter prototype
Team Ninja Don prototype
Team Ninja Leo prototype
Team Ninja Mike prototype
Team Ninja Raph prototype
Warrior Bebop (Metallized version)   ultra rare (I have one)
Warrior Rahzar with Fur prototype

1993 TMNT Scratch the Cat, one of the most valuable TMNT toys ever produced. (Which isn't even that rare.)

1993 TMNT Scratch the Cat, one of the final figures to roll off the production line. Few stores ordered the last waves of TMNT toys. This one is punched with light wear on card. It is one of my white whales. One of the most valuable TMNT toys ever produced. (Which isn’t even that rare.)













What do you have?  Is your list complete?  Let me know in the comments below!

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