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Newsstand Edition comics 1992 and newer are heating up

I would be mindful and watchful for any 1992 or newer newsstand edition comic books that feature a UPC bar code on the covers that are high grade.  Specifically, any comics that are in a grade of 9.4 or higher and newsstand edition are selling for significantly more money than regular market value.  Examples include Batman Adventures 12 Newsstand Edition, and any other modern day key issue book.

For earlier titles, there are exceptions to the rule.   Some comics have the bar code on the back, like Marvel Comics Presents #72.  Any books post 2002 would have a UPC barcode on them no matter what now, but the difference is they all state "DIRECT EDITION".  You are looking for 2002 and newer comic books that have UPC Barcodes that do not show the words "DIRECT EDITION" in bold letters above or below the bar code.

Okay I broke down some maths.  Let's look at Image Comics Spawn #1 by Todd McFarlane.  That's a very publicly well known number having a 1.7 million copy print run in 1992.

15% of comics in 1992 were allegedly newsstand. 225,000 (1/4 million copies)  I estimated the newsstand edition to be a 1:1000 ration of rarity.

So 1:1000 is not accurate, that was hand grenade accurate. 32 is more accurate.

I think it's even more accurate to say it's a 3:100.  Or, 30 in 1000, if you will.  That's still a very low number.  Still rare.

But not even a 1:100 LOL

In summary, here's what you need to know about High Grade Newsstand Collecting for Investing:

  • High grade.  9.4 or higher is ideal.  Pressing books helps!
  • 1972-1990 doesn't really matter.  It was a 50/50 ration split in distribution.
  • 1990-2001 with bar codes.
  • 2002-2016 with bar codes that do not say "DIRECT EDITION".
  • Newsstand Edition error or recalled books are also wise investments


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Here's a good one to justify rarity of a recent very modern book.  This happens to be an error cover, as well.

Justice League #51, which accidentally has the cover for issue #52.  It retains the $4.99 price tag, even though there are even more rare books with the $3.99 price tag that are newsstand edition.

If you inspect the UPC bar code, it does not state "DIRECT EDITION".  It also looks different from the comic book store version.   This book has a 1:1000 ratio distribution rate.  The amount that appear on ebay are very slim to none.

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