Please help donate to my childhood friend who has Stage 4 Cancer.

cancer-cells-dividingI’ve known the Ford family since I was 3 years old.  This is a family who would do anything for their neighbors and loved ones.  I’ve seen for myself firsthand the wonderful and charitable things the mother and father of this family have done for myself, my parents, and the community where I grew up and was raised in deep southwest Texas.  Then I grew up, I moved far far away, met a beautiful wonderful caring wife, and we had a son.  I came down with terrible health problems myself and have had to live with it for over 10 years now.  Life moves fast.  You watch your kids grow up.  I can’t believe how long time flies.  Then, now, in 2016 I find out on Facebook the oldest daughter of this wonderful and well respected family has gotten stage 4 cancer.  It has spread to her liver, her spleen, and a mass behind her pancreas.  She most likely has weeks to live and has been sent to hospice.  Her poor husband and her teenage son are left with nothing but a financial and emotional burden.  I ask if you the means, to please share this blog post or donate to the gofundme website that the husband has set in place at this link:


Please share this post to your walls, twitter feeds, facebook feeds, are anything you can think of.  Screenshot and snapchat, do what you can to share this message and donate.

Thank you


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