Large Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle TMNT Action Figure Collection Acquired – Doubles Going up FOR SALE!

1988 Wave 1 Leonardo Soft Head Pointed Stars MINT ON CARD MOC MACAO

Original release 1988 Wave 1 Leonardo Fan Club Offer but no Fan Club Form inside! Pointed Stars MINT ON CARD MOC Unpunched Pristine Condition MADE IN MACAO

Over the past few weeks, a new very large Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle TMNT Action Figure Collection consisting of over 130 figures was acquired by myself.   I purchased the collection in order to grab a bunch of missing figures for my own treasured private personal collection of ninja turtle action figures.  What this means to you, the visitor, is that I will be unleashing PRISTINE AFA Quality action figures MINT ON CARD on the website for sale in the following weeks.  I have started at Wave 1 from 1988 original lineup and I am slowly adding each one, one by one, by series, and by wave each day on my site here at  Many of these toys you just don’t see go for sale on public market in this condition.  All of these figures are over 25 years old and look as if they just rolled off the assembly plant at Playmates Toys!  I will be including free shipping, insurance, and free hard plastic ZoloWorld clam shell cases as part of the deal.  Because I am doing this by myself, one at a time, if you have a request or are looking for any particular ninja turtle action figures shoot me an email at!


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