Tips for Selling Items on Ebay Auctions


1. Schedule to end on a Sunday night
2. Schedule to end at 6pm PST or 9pm EST
3. Schedule to end around the 1st of the month for maximum payday profit
4. Space multiple auctions end times out over 3-5 minute intervals apart
5. Start at 99 cents
6. Use a reserve but only if the item is too rare or hard to find that people don’t know of its existence
7. Free shipping inside US, global shipping program outside US
8. Clear concise well lit photos, not blurry or cropped out
9. No reflections of faces, naked body parts, or evidence of a crime
10. Use sensationalism words like: “WOW!”, “RARE”, “HTF”, “LOOK!”, “SEXY”, “AMAZING” in your description and titles (it works for fruit and vegetables)

Selling on ebay can be fun and rewarding as a buyer and a seller.  Want to sell comic books or toys on ebay?  First of all, buy all shipping supplies on ebay:

You will also need boxes and cardboard gemini media mailers. For comics you can use 12x12x4 boxes which are cheaper via USPS because they are under 12″. Graded books should be shipped the same way but inside a 14x14x4 box instead.

You should know that from January to March it is a buyers market and not a good time to sell.  From April through the summertime, it is a great time to be a seller and not so much as a buyer.  Keep this in mind when selling collectibles or luxury purchase items on ebay.

Learn how to properly mail your ebay packages through the US Postal Service System at this link.

And, if you sell comic books on ebay, it should be required by law to purchase this book:

There are far too many sellers on ebay who overgrade their books on auction items. This causes people to overbid or bid aggressively on a FINE copy of a golden age horror book but ends up being a VERY GOOD condition comic book due to a tear or piece of tape. The Overstreet Guide to Grading Comic Books is written by Robert M. Overstreet. This book will greatly detail and cite examples with images on each grade of the ten point comic book grading system. This book is incredibly valuable to any buyer or seller on ebay of comics. You also can use this book to argue with a seller on why you justify that a book is graded less than advertised by a seller.

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