Tips for Selling Items on Ebay Auctions

Buy all shipping supplies on ebay. Boxes, tape, styrofoam peanuts, and a mail scale.

1. schedule to end on a Sunday night
2. schedule to end at 6pm PST or 9pm EST
3. schedule to end around the 1st of the month for maximum payday profit
4. space multiple auctions end times out over 3-5 minute intervals
5. start at 99 cents
6. use a reserve but only if the item is too rare or HTF people don’t know of it
7. free shipping inside US, global shipping program outside US
8. clear concise well lit photos, not blurry or cropped out
9. no reflections of faces, naked body parts, or evidence of a crime
10. use sensationalism words in your description and titles (it works for fruit and vegetables)

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