2015 IDW Publishing Back to the Future #1 ZBOX Variant Cast Signed CGC 9.8

2015 IDW Publishing Back to the Future #1
ZBOX Variant Exclusive cover by Doug Chiang
The “Grays Almanac Cover”
Released on 10/20/2015, the same day Marty, Doc, and Jennifer travelled to the future in BTTF II
Cast Signed witnessed signatures
White Pages
CGC Graded Signature Series 9.8 #1504938002

Signed by Michael J Fox on 1/20/16
Signed by Christopher Lloyd on 6/4/2016
Signed by Lea Thompson on 6/4/2016
Signed by Thomas F Wilson on 1/7/17

The only way to obtain this extremely hard to find variant was to be a subscribing member of zbox for the month of OCT 2015, have the code on the card for the comic, and receive it safely in the mail from ZBOX.  I find this book to be extremely culturally significant and the hands that touched it.  One of the best trilogies ever made, hands down.  Thank you to those who made these films happen.  Bravo!

I am hoping to obtain signatures from:
Flea, Billy Zane, Elizabeth Shue, Bob Gale, and Robert Zemekis, and Stephen Spielberg.

If you guys or their managers are reading this, please sign these books if you ever meet my guy Matt from Trinity Comics Convention Facilitator Services.