A Love Letter to the CEO of Cafepress


email sent to: bmarino@cafepress.com

CEO of Cafepress


I have been a member of cafepress since 2005. I went from making thousands to hundreds and now I barely get $300 per month from Cafepress. Traffic is lower now, and I know this from collecting 5 years of Google Analytics reports and tracking. My fan portal designs outperform all my designs in total by 87%. I understand the company must stabilize during weak economic times but you can’t take away the incentive for us shopkeepers to want to willingly continue to design new art at cafepress. Going from 20% in 2006 to 15% in 2009 to 10% in 2010 and now being told 5% is wrong, plain and simple. All your competitors are handing out 20-30% commissions to shop keepers. I understand the competitive market but the recent business strategies are killing the income of the people who are designing the products for you to sell. My primary business model is fan portal shirts from movies and tv shows. Doing a flat 5% for fan portal and name brand products are giving us all pay cuts and you know it. I understand there is a higher cost for attaining licenses from license companies who own the movie and tv show properties. Do like the plus size apparel though, and charge those products are a higher cost, not effecting our commissions. There have to be more alternative choices to make.

There’s no more motivation for me to continue making new products or designs in my shop.  I’m not sure you are aware of the ripple effect this will cause to us, the people who even give you a job. Please reconsider your new commission rates and if anything, raise the product prices and give us the power to control our own commissions again. This is an outrage, please don’t do this to us.

-Mike Sorensen

I suggest you all write him a love letter.  bmarino@cafepress.com



KaptainMyke Shirt Designs at Several Online Distributors

We recently have updated and added new products to the following online distributors:

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Skreened (2nd pick, offers a much larger graphic screenprint t-shirt)

Zazzle (best alternative to Cafepress, cheaper prices, great selection, super fast shipping, too.)

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Server outage this morning

We apologize for the outage.  In the prime of our season for sales, Yes – we are down. I’ve been all over support regarding our ill timed server outage. Sorry, folks!

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